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Aluminium and Glass Works

aluminium works
glass works

Thinking Of Glass? Think RMR!

From designing the interiors of your place to the marine industry framing, RMR is a one-stop destination for all needs related to glass fabrication, casting aluminum, and maintaining aluminum works. We believe that prioritizing the needs of our clients is the main reason behind placing us as the best Dubai glass factory. The RMR team works on the foundation of prosperity and believes that we must build a place for the clients where they can easily express their needs and always get what they are looking for. 

RMR can deal with all kinds of glasswork, aluminum casting, and maintenance of aluminum works. Being in the industry for several years, RMR has gained the trust of numerous clients with avant-garde services and products. We are experts in the glass industry. The team at RMR is as transparent and clear as the glasses we offer. Also, we aim for nothing more than to satisfy our clients. We ensure that every piece we work on has been fitted correctly and stands to the clients’ expectations.

Shower Enclosure

Shower in Dubai is the ultimate glasswork in Dubai to your bathroom. Simply walk into the liberating best bathing environment for a truly refreshing bathing experience. Glass door in Dubai, beveled mirror in Dubai.

Window Glass Repair

we have the vision of providing secure glass and mirror works to achieve clients goals. We create widely appreciated window glass repair in Dubai for our client’s services.


RMR is based in Dubai, addressing the needs of the growing renovation construction industry and providing high-quality standards glass and mirror works, bathtub glass in Dubai, window repair, broken glass, glass door repair, and aluminum works, mirror supplier company, framed glass partition, frameless Office Partition in Dubai, a glass company in Dubai, glass table top in Dubai, Frameless shower in Dubai, glass door in Dubai, beveled mirror in Dubai, full-length mirror in Dubai and all kind of Glass, Mirror & Aluminium Works. We carved a niche in the marketplace and are now amongst the leaders in glass and mirror works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Best Glass Partitions in Dubai

We are a top, leading, and number 1 name for a glass shop in Dubai and have worked for 100s of residential and commercial mirror glass jobs. Being a famous mirror works in Dubai we always tried to provide state of the art services for glass partition in Dubai for different houses, offices, industries, and more by using the modern techniques of glassworks and equipment for multipurpose fixing services of glassworks in Dubai. Many businesses in UAE especially in Dubai, people normally get an office on rent a single hall type premises and hire our best glass partitions Dubai services to accommodate all the departments of their company to provide appropriate sitting space/placement.

Aluminum Works in Dubai

As Aluminium is used a lot in Residence and commercial spaces in United Arab Emirates SAR Group focus on the supply, installation, and maintenance of Aluminum & glass product in Dubai UAE in a professional manner. We are determined to provide high-quality products like Aluminium Doors and Windows Both Swing and Sliding, Patio Doors, Aluminum Folding Glass Doors, Aluminium Front Shop, Automatic Glass doors, Pump Room Cabinet, Louver Cabinet, Building Aluminium cladding, Roller Shutter, Mosquitoes Fly net roller, Fixed Fly net Mesh and automatic rolling shutters in Dubai, UAE. Products are used indoor and outdoor purposes. A wide range of UPVC sections is also Available to fulfill client requirements.

Dubai’s best Aluminum Maintenance Works

We served in the same field for many years and we know client requirements easily. Client Appreciation reflects us from their faces where other companies failed to the fulfilled the satisfaction level of the client in past.

  • Aluminium Glass Sliding Door Stuck

  • Double Glass Replacement

  • Georgian Bar Removal or Adjustment

  • Aluminum Bend Issue

  • Noise / Sound Proofing of Windows

  • Waterproofing of Windows

  • Gaps Treatment for Windows to make Dust Free Area

Above mentioned Problem requires a Fast Solution to avoid major repairs lately. We do maintenance and repairs to make it proper. 

Maintenance work with smart tips and tricks can make your doors and window In new conditions which are not possible with the handyman. A handyman can damage it more. Our  team can do annual maintenance Contract and became one of the trusted maintenance companies in Dubai UAE, Having enough skills to fix doors and window Sliding issue. Being one of the premier maintenance companies in Dubai UAE, we are experts in fixing any window or door for home and office buildings in Dubai UAE.

Experience speaks! 

“Experience brings excellence.” 

Glass Mirror stands true to the saying. With extensive experience in the industry, our work reflects nothing but excellence. We are a team as clear as our glasses and mirrors to meet our goal: to bring a smile to our clients with our work. 

Why choose a RMR?

We are the most reliable company as we are offering and providing our Customers warranty in Maintenance as well. We always love to have customer chains. As we get a lot of clients from our client’s references. We work in a way where we consider clients everything even in small jobs.

  • Quality: When you associate with us, quality will never be something to doubt as we provide our clients only with the best. From the quality of glass and aluminum we provide to the quality of our services, you will find only the best with us.

  • Innovative solutions: The Glass Mirror team believes in working on every project with a fresh mindset to incorporate innovative ideas. We ideate and execute our plan to provide fresh glasswork based on the clients’ needs. 

  • Qualified team: We have a team of thoroughly prepared specialists to support your home or business glass. Our team has been in this industry and continues refreshing its abilities with the evolving industry.

  • Competitive price: We offer affordable avant-garde services. 

  • Flexibility: To serve you the best, we are available 24/7. Hence, you won’t have to think before calling us. Our support team is always active in helping you with your queries. Also, we can start the work for aluminum casting and glass in Dubai according to a schedule suitable for you.  


Glass for commercial and residential needs:

Here, all types of glass for every purpose are available.

Plus we provide you the qualified glass delivery services on your demand.

Hence, all your windows, doors, shower rooms, etc are easy to fit and maintain.

Supply & installation services:

Get the good supply and installation of the glass in an easy way.

The quality and durability are the two main highlights of all the maintenance.

Even if you like to have the aluminum works or frame for your needs you may get it in a single go.

Repair and maintenance of glass & mirror

Makeup and steady check-ups of glass keep you safe from big damage. Get genuine replacement and repair services at lower rates.

So, you may get the complete set of glass and mirror works for the office, home, and other needs straight away.

 Glass shop in Dubai

Get on the look and smart functions with the perfect glass. No issue, if you need glass for your indoor or outdoor needs. , this glass shop in Dubai serves you all with quality and competency.

All types and styles of glass are here to meet your construction needs or others.

 A mirror works in Dubai

To be true, the high-quality mirror with the latest variations and cuts is simple to get from this single point. You no need to around many places.

On this platform, you will be able to get aluminum framed or other mirror works in the right form.

 Glass and mirror work in Dubai

Today, demands for superb looks and functions in the best way are possible with glass and mirror works.

The modern construction styles not only, involve the building with bricks and tiles. But it brings about the real aesthetic with minimal usage of energy and items.

So, to have the utmost you need a reliable company.

 Glass partition in Dubai

Without any doubt, space-saving and energy-saving partitions are possible the glass. So, glass has become the most famous for its handy use.

Glass partition Dubai with the best cuts and finishes of glass fulfills your demands.

 Glassworks in Dubai

The glass for building, homes, ships, and boats are available here. At this point, all kinds of glassworks are perfect with expert advisors and handymen.

Still, you will get accurate fits and quality glassworks. Also, you will have all the installations, repairs, and changes of glass in the perfect way.

 Glass replacement in Dubai

We can change the glass of your villa or large farm with precise inputs. Even if you wish to change the glass of your ship you may contact us.

Despites, you will get the handy change without disturbing your daily tasks.

Shower partition in Dubai

At the present time, like other glassworks, the shower partition is also cheap and durable here. It’s fair to do with our professional for a little or bigger firm.

Hence, you may get the best glass for your bathroom and other needs.  For shower partitions, tempered and forested glass are capable options.

Shower cubical Dubai

The glass type for the shower cubical is special.  Meanwhile, the trait to last long relies on the quality of glass.

Besides, 8mm-10mm tempered glass is safe to use in a wet room. With an increase in the weight of glass, you need more strong support.

Shower screen Dubai

The special screen that separates the bath shower from the other parts of the bathroom has a steady fix.  In this case, it’s good than a curtain for the shower.

This screen may or may not frame as per your need. For a good choice tempered glass is the right for more life support.

Glass for showers

As a matter of fact, the glass for showers needs to be capable to fit for all aspects. If you like to have a variety of it then you are at the right point to get the best one as per your likes and needs.

Shower Enclosure Dubai

The shower enclosure may contain tempered or forested glass as per your making needs. Well, the styles of tempered glass are clear, cast, tint, ultra-clear, etc.

Other than this, the frosted glass with sandblasting processing is hazy in look and safer. Due to these reasons, the second type of glass has more ratings. You may pick the one that suits you.

Shower glass in Dubai

As it happens, the specific glass with the great value of toughness is vital for the shower. On the second point, its width is the key to its survival.

Rather you use shower glass with a frame or without a frame, tempered glass is the best for you.

Glass partition for shower

Over there, to add beauty and space to your bathroom it’s the ideal way to have the glass partition for the wet room.

The glass not only delights you with its look but works too. Yes, it makes the bathroom more big and wide in look.

A glass tabletop Dubai

For your tabletop, the glass which has the heat and cooling treatment in the proper ratio is most reliable. Here, you may get any type of indoor glass at a reasonable price.

Indeed, the table glass tops that range from Fab glass to mirror give you the right table covering. No matter, whether you need the tabletop glass for the home or office desk you will get the high-level strength in both cases.

Why choose us?

24/7 Service

Anytime you may call us. Rather you need to repair any damage or want to change the glass due for any reason no need to worry at all. Yet, you may get the services for quick recovery

Upfront Price

Get clear quotes about all types of glass and mirror works. For new supplies to older fits, you will get the estimate before the work starts.


The whole team consists of glass experts. Besides, they are very much professional in their field. Also, they have a clear knowledge of all kinds of glass and its usage. So, you are in safe hands.

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