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Renovation - Bathrooms and Powder Rooms


Upto 50 % off

Be it taking the shower, grooming, or taking load down the toilet seat- we humans spend 1/4th of lives in bathrooms!

Don’t you feel obnoxious and outdated when you see the same old faucet everyday that squeaks on turning, the slippery floor, no apt place for storing grooming kit, soap, shampoo, a dull mirror, and whatnot.

Having a sloppy bathroom is something that no one likes.

Regardless of the size of the house, everyone has the right to have an amazing bathroom. The ones that we often see in the advertisements are often preferred by many. However, that’s a tricky and expensive deal.

Hence, bathroom renovation in Dubai is an option that never disappoints anyone. Furthermore, people can keep budgetary constraints at bay by choosing the right bathroom renovator.

There’s no imperfection in bathroom remodeling in Dubai, infact this concept for renovating the bathroom is widely appreciated by several people.

We, at RMR, hold prowess in reshaping and remodeling your bathroom. With the cutting-edge technology and indomitable redesigning skills of our renovation mavens, we’ve been successful in executing innumerable projects of bathroom renovation in Dubai. Whatever is the requirement, our teams leave no stone unturned in surpassing the expectation of clients. Our expertise and dedication in work has fetched us laurels & recognition in the bathroom interior remodeling industry.

We will turn Your Ideas into Reality:

Remodeling of a bathroom is one of the most complex spaces in a home to update because there appear dealings with tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, and many more. There are some of the elements that we execute to remodel this space.

  • There is a variety of cabinetry styles and tiles to implement

  • Tiling

  • Sink and vanity installations

  • Replacements of toilet

  • Bathtub replacement and renovation

Besides, we have everything else that customers are looking for. The inventory also consists of the rare & luxurious bathroom fittings that are not easily available in the market. To give the desired elite look to the bathroom, as per the client requirement, we perform the work with agility & diligence. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we never left the work until the wholesome satisfaction.

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