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Landscaping and Pool Maintenance Services

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Why RMR Landscaping Services?

Design, Build, Maintain & Grow with RMR landscaping

RMR is a full landscaping service company serving in commercial and residential clients with landscaping work in Dubai. We have a team of professional people who provide regular maintenance of lawns and gardens in Dubai. We specialize in hardscape and softscape work. Whether it is designing or planting a new landscape, installing a hardscape or softscape, erosion or irrigation solutions, we are here to protect your property and building. 


Over the years, we have built a strong reputation and we are known as one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and in other Cities of UAE. We have established this reputation over the course of time by delivering the most reliable, high quality and superior design solutions. We are here to enhance the image of your garden and lawns and add the missing curb appeal.

Landscape Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance services include bed care, mowing, mulching, fertilizing, irrigation maintenance, pruning, trimming, leaf removal, planting, lawn aeration, planting, over seeding planting, removal of the annuals, annual beds, shrub care and tree care.

Irrigation Services

With our irrigation system installation, maintenance, inspection and repairing services, we ensure that your plants get all the water they need. We are experts in installing the spray irrigation and drip irrigation system. 

Landscape Installation 

Whether it is a new installation from bare ground or renovation of an existing landscape, tell us your vision and we are here to make it come to life. There are lots of choices available in landscape designs. We are familiar with landscape designs. Whether you need drought tolerant, low water, deer resistant, low maintenance, native plants, drought tolerant, or xeriscape, we are here to provide you all. Let us help you in understanding how these ideas will work for you. 

Erosion Control & Drainage 

We offer all the best solutions to resolve the erosion control and drainage troubles and keep your property safe from the water damages. Our solutions include retaining walls, turf establishment and building and landscaping protection. 


Hardscape Installation & Lighting 

We don’t just install the hardscapes, we also add lighting into the existing Dubai landscape design to beautify them. We offer patio installation, outdoor fireplaces, wall retaining, walkways, arbors and more. 

Landscape Design

We have the team of the best landscape designers. With years of experience, our team can work on your landscape design better than other landscape companies in Dubai.

Hardscape Services

Our hardscape services include the following:

  •  Seating 

  •  Signage 

  •  Lighting 

  •  Bridge 

  •  Paving 

  •  Planter box and flower pots

  •  Steps

  •  Carving & sculptures

  •  Fence & retaining walls 

  •  Arbor

  •  Pergola

  •  Irrigation

  •  Water features 



Softscape Services

Interior Landscaping:  We design interior landscapes for houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping plazas, schools, universities, colleges, hotels and restaurants.

Indoor Landscaping: Let us work on the indoor landscaping Dubai and make your indoors more beautiful. We know what plants are best to keep indoors. You will find us better than the traditional Landscaping companies in Dubai. 

Outdoor Plants: We work with turf grass, creepers, shrubs, perennial, annual, biennial, climber, trees and similar other outdoor plants. 


Garden work

We can design you a dream garden just according to your vision, taste and needs of course. Choose from the following designs:

  •  Formal & Informal Gardens

  •  Rock Gardens

  • Free Style Gardens

  •  Roof & Terracing Gardens

  •  Water Garden 


Why Choose RMR Landscaping?

We are among the leading landscaping construction companies in Dubai. We always consider the safety of our clients and their property. 

  •  We use organic fertilizers for the turf, shrub and tree care.

  •  We only use certified organic pesticides and they are used only when necessary. 

  •  The trees and shrubs are pruned naturally and you will not have to worry about the shearing.

  •  We perform superior quality turf mowing and maintenance.

  •  The plants installed are selected carefully in order to beautify the site.

  •  The landscape debris is composted and recycled for minimizing waste. 

We consider all the components and facets of landscaping before we recommend anything to our clients. With this approach, we always give the most exceptional advice to our clients that is according to not just their individual taste but budget too. You will be amazed with the results and that is our guarantee. 

Contact us today to discuss your commercial and residential landscaping needs. We are ready to offer assistance right away!

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