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Renovation - Kitchens and Pantry Area


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Being prepared for a big renovation such as a kitchen reno is the #1 key to a successful renovation. The more you plan ahead and the more knowledge you have going in, the less stress and the fewer problems you will encounter. In our Love your Home seminars, we teach home owners the keys to successfully renovate their kitchens and bathrooms. In this post, we explore the starting points of planning: learning to identify which type of renovation you will be doing and the amount of time and money you should plan on for each.

Why do I want to renovate?

There are many good reasons to renovate a kitchen but the reason why you are renovating will often dictate the type of renovation you do. So…begin the planning process by answering the question:

Why am I renovating my kitchen?

Some common answers to this question might be:

  • Out of date

  • Cabinets are wearing and falling apart

  • I’m moving and want to maximize the money I sell my house for

  • I just bought the house and hate the kitchen

  • I’ve never had enough storage so I want a new kitchen

  • This kitchen is too small and I want a larger space

  • I entertain a lot and everyone congregates in the kitchen so I need a better layout and more space

These are just a few of the reasons we commonly hear. Your reasons might be very different but in the end, it’s very important for you to have a clear understanding of the real reason you are renovating. We’ve had clients who called us in for a kitchen reno quote. They wanted to relocate fixtures, change the design of the kitchen and many other costly plans. When we found out they were renovating in order to put the house on the market, many of their plans didn’t make sense. They would never see a good return on their investment . What they really needed was a combination of a cosmetic and remove and re-install renovation in order to update the look of their kitchen and maximize the $$ they would get on the sale. This is a good example of why it’s important to understand why you are renovating in the first place.

Types of Kitchen Renovations

There are three types of renovations:

  1. Cosmetic

  2. Remove and Re-install

  3. Custom

Some kitchen renovations fall specifically into one of these categories while others are a combination of two.

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